Caronia: The Sound of Color is ROCK!

14 Jul, 2013

…at least it is for me.  That’s how I express the passion within me.  Music and color set the mood.  If I’m in the mood express myself…then the creativity pops and starts to flow nonstop. It’s either total silence or ROCK songs blaring at my eardrums when I get too genius. 

The moment I was welcomed by Newzilla PR main man, Andrew Bercasio, I didn’t make a second guess the station I’d end up getting my nail art from.


ineedsomewants-caronia-sound-of-color-nail-care-station-alternative.jpg  ineedsomewants-caronia-sound-of-color-nail-care-station-pop.jpg

 Again, my dilemma of putting my nails to rest for a month went down the drain.  I was supposed to free my ten little Indians from polish and nail chemicals…but the event experience won’t be as thrilling without it.  Look at how the nail care stations were dressed up into different music genres.  Nice, huh?  Appealing and totally sexy but I still wouldn’t be caught on cam all cozy at the pop or alternative stations…when there’s a home station right there.

ineedsomewants-caronia-event-nail-cleaning.jpgI wouldn’t pass a chance to get ‘em cleaned.  You see, I’ve received a complete set from Caronia the other month.  I was surprised that they do have a nail care line already.

I was really excited to actually experience them.  See if they cuticle remover stinks just like the regular pink ones off the supermarket shelves…if the cuticle sanitizer would leave a screaming “I cleaned my nails today…that’s right!” color…

And worse of all, if the polish remover would leave that dry marks and feeling all over my fingers…no, it didn’t.  I actually tried it when I had to remove the soon-to-be revealed nail art from this event.  That’s about a week ago, I guess.  It’s a good thing.  The acetone doesn’t have that odd smell and it doesn’t dry up quickly as you apply it.  Reminds me of the acetone from Face Shop which is about Php150+ of the same size.  Holdap!!!


Now, I know I can rely on Caronia, if ever I decide to DIY my nail cleaning.  Pag may time.  Hehehe.

Imagine… Caronia is the first local nail care brand in the PH and for so many years, it withstood the competition despite the popularity of imported brands used in nail salons.  I would never think that a Caronia nail polish would be used for nail art.  Until this event when I was so undecided of what color and design I’d go for…


 ineedsomewants-caronia-event-nail-care.jpg ineedsomewants-caronia-nail-polish.jpg  ineedsomewants-i-love-caronia-rock-nail-art.jpg

 While the ladies of the Caronia station were rockin’ my nails, let me tell you something about this big campaign Caronia launched to the press and bloggers at the Hexagon Lounge in RCBC last June 26.


Caronia launched its campaign, The Sound of Color, by starting the countdown of its first music festival.  Brand Manager, Olive Soria, shared Caronia’s passion in empowering women’s individuality through color.  

COLOR is the medium for women to express their passions… “…giving them the confidence to move the world through their creativity and self-expression.”


The homegrown nail care brand already has 72 shades for every women to draw inspiration from.  From dark to light, glam to funk, classic to contemporary, Caronia has all the colors to color our nails passion.  These colors represent every music genre and styles – that’s why we were able to enjoy the different themed nail stations.  And it was also the launch of the new Caronia jingle (hell, would you believe they would ever?)… Listen to the jingle on the Caronia website.


Gracenote, a multi-talented band, consisting of young talents, sang the all new Caronia jingle and entertained everyone through the night.  The band was fronted by a vibrant lady – perfect representation of an empowered woman – plays the keyboards, violin, drums…wow!  What can she not do?


 The Sound of Color challenges all the amateur groups to send their own version of the new Caronia jingle, in any musical style.  Interested?  View the full mechanics from the site.

The jingle contest will culminate in a music festival at the SM Sky Dome, North Edsa, this November.  It will be a one-night extravaganza of color and music, where the finalists come together with other local musicians.

Sounds really exciting.  Aaaaand I assumed that we’re already invited, ’cause Ms. Olive said so that she’ll be seeing us there.  Wooooot!


Aside from the music festival, Caronia shows its support to local talents of arts as well through an urban beautification advocacy.  Everything I Touch Turns To Color will kick off this September in partnership with local government units and female graphic artists who will paint street murals to the beat of live music.  I can’t wait to see those murals, especially now that the MMDA has been starting to beautify the walls in Edsa with Boysen.  

Back to my nail art… oooooooooh! I love it!  Those were all Caronia nail polishes. Nicely done!  In fairness, it took a long time before they started chipping off.   Great improvement on the quality of the polishes.

ineedsomewants-caronia-sound-of-color-rock-nail-art.jpg  ineedsomewants-caronia-abstract-nail-art-design.jpg

Very excited to do my next nail art but I’m getting back to putting my nails to rest for a month.  I’ll probably be doing my nails come August na lang.  My mom and auntie are so giddy about using the polishes so the colors won’t be put to waste while they wait for me to use ‘em.  There’s more love to share ’cause I got to take this beautiful souvenir from the event.

ineedsomewants-i-love-caronia-giveaways.jpg  ineedsomewants-hand-foot-nail-care-complete-line.jpg  ineedsomewants-i-love-caronia-lootbag-and-giveaway.jpg

Very kikay ano?  Parang hindi ako.  I would’ve wanted to get the rock-themed box but I intended to give it to someone ‘kikay’ too…watch out for my next post ’cause she’s on.  And then I won the raffle too…wow, lucky me!  I got a complete nail, hand and foot care line. Surprised me again, ’cause I really thought Caronia is all polishes alone.


Great night of color and music brought by the long standing homegrown nail care brand, Caronia.  The Sound of Color campaign is co-presented by Tony & Jackey and in partnership with Center for Pop.  This new campaign highlights the ability of color and sound to bring people together in honor of creativity and self-expression— a celebration of life: a symphony of emotions and a spectrum of styles.  It’s going to be a yearlong of music and color for Caronia so stay put.


 Caronia by Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation is the pioneering and time-tested nail care brand for the hip and trendy.

I’ve shared the ‘love’ like what I said on my first Caronia post.  My next post will be about a fabulous Caronia nail art done by a great colleague.  Keep reading. XOXO.

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